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"I was impressed!

Mailbox Filter is a

super email filter,

substantially more

powerful than


It really does give

me the power of

determining what

gets into my


-- Steve Bass
Product Reviewer
for PC WORLD and
IBM User Group

Mailbox Filter
Get the Fool-Proof Virus Protection You Need That Anti-virus Software Simply Cannot Give You

All the anti-virus software in the world can't protect you from some joker creating a new computer virus that anti-virus companies have no solution for.

Not to mention the fact that even your closest of friends can violate your email security and unknowingly send you an email virus!

Viruses come in attachments, not in the text message. Because new email viruses are created daily, it's impossible to keep your anti virus security updated and to keep you 100% safe.

Unsuspecting attachments can spread an email virus and crash your computer. Not to mention sending itself to everyone in your address book! That's not good anti virus protection.

There's also the problem of protecting your personal information if you work in a busy environment. that provide increased email security and multiple account support to handle this.

Your A Vulnerable Target For A Virus Attack!

Email programs have vulnerabilities that make you the perfect target for a virus attack. They lack the email security you need!

Email virus programmers know this!

Trying to catch a fresh email virus is like trying to find a needle in a haystack! By the time your antivirus software presents a cure, it's too late. That's where email security breaks down.

This is one of the worst anti virus protection nightmares around!

That's why Mailbox Filter is the right email security software for filtering your email. It's powerful, saves time and protects against any email virus. It puts you in total control.

  • You'll never have to worry about getting email viruses such as the "I Love You", "Love Bug" or "Melissa". Mailbox Filter prevents attachments from automatically opening and spreading a virus. This is a common virus trick.

  • Viewing messages in your email program can allow viruses access to your computer! Now you can safely look at any message before accepting it using Mailbox Filter's email security viewer.

  • Handling attachments is easier than ever! With Mailbox Filter's email virus alert system you can accept attachments locked or as-is, all with the click-of-a-button!

Can My Service Provider Give Me Anti Virust Protection From SPAM?

Can you imagine finding out that your service provider deleted a very important email because they thought it was spam? Their email spam filter has limitations.

While some providers do filter and have email security software, it is impossible for them to determine what you do or do not consider spam. Not to mention being able to decide whether email attachments are safe or important. That is your decision to make.

Email Security Helps You Sleep Better at Night

Just the thought of losing all your information or sending an email virus to all your friends is horrifying. Mailbox Filter is not antivirus software and doesn't scan your email for viruses. It locks them so they can't attack you.

With Mailbox Filter you'll sleep better at night knowing you will never be the victim of an email virus attack in your email!

What have you got to lose? Except years worth of work!

Whether you try Mailbox Filter or not you need email security software that will filter spam containing viruses.

So get your FREE SPAM FILTER REPORT on "The Truth About Email Virus Protection". Learn how to deal with the threats of viruses. Also find out what role your anti virus protection software plays in protecting your email system.

Don't wait! Take advantage of our low price of only $37 now.

Once you've used Mailbox Filter for awhile, you may want to have added email security with multiple profiles and more. Just upgrade to Mailbox Filter PLUS!

If you buy now you'll get 10 FREE EMAIL VIRUS BONUS REPORTS revealing secrets you need to know about Spam and Email Viruses.

Take a look under the hood of Mailbox Filter, Email Security you can count on!