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Designed for Microsoft Windows XP/98/2000/ME

"Mailbox Filter is a great way to avoid the daily deluge of spam floating around the Internet,and the program also protects you from viruses."

"I was impressed! Mailbox Filter is a super email filter, substantially more powerful than Brightmail. It really does give me the power of determining what gets into my maibox!"

"Mailbox Filter -- a program that builds a moat around your computer over which spam can never cross."

Laptop Magazine

"...a great program... we liked it a lot."

What You Need to Know About

"Mailbox Filter is a simple, but effective anti-spam and antivirus tool."

Joe 'Mr. Fire' Vitale

"Mailbox Filter software is worth checking out. It can eliminate SPAM in your email and protect you from viruses, too." -- Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale

Mailbox Filter
Get SMART Spam Control That Always Delivers The Email You Want.

Mailbox Filter is the only spam filter that automatically learns to think like you -- not for you -- about your email. Unlike spam blockers, Mailbox Filter is a "SMART" spam filter so it won't lose your important email.

Our exclusive Smart Filter TechnologyTM instantly sorts your important email from spam and always delivers precisely the email you want, where you want it.

You get extra email virus protection too! And there's no quickly outdated spam lists or virus updates required.

Easy to use, easy to install, and self-configuring, our Spam Filter, Mailbox Filter works with most POP3 email programs such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape, Incredimail, plus we filter spam from these popular web mail systems: AOL, Hotmail, MSN and Yahoo.

  • Manages the volume of email and filters spam without losing the email you want.

  • Prevents X-Rated spam from entering your inbox.

  • Increased productivity saves you time and puts you in total control of spam.

  • Isolates spam into one location allowing you the option to safely review it at anytime.

  • Easy to use, easy to install, and self-configuring.

  • Filters spam for multiple email accounts.

  • No recurring fees or subscriptions.

  • See how we compare to other spam filters.

Clearly, Mailbox Filter is the spam filter for Smart Spam Control.


Smart Filter TechnologyTM (Patent Pending) observes and remembers your choices, eliminating the need for rules, quickly outdated spam lists, manual spam filters and other time consuming configurations.

SmartScanTM spam filter ensures that no spam slips by unnoticed. Acting as an email server installed on your computer, between your email program and Internet Service Provider.

SmartLockTM smart spam filter protects you against email viruses by automatically rendering them harmless. No updates or subscriptions needed. Enhances any Anti-Virus protection.

Smart Link WizardTM makes it easy to use, easy to install, self-configuring. Our spam filter works with Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape, Incredimail, AOL, Hotmail, MSN and Yahoo along with other standard (POP3) email programs.(Works with free Hotmail and Yahoo accounts too!)

Self-Learning FiltersTM filters out X-Rated spam before it reaches your inbox. This proprietary intelligent memory process ensures the mail you want gets through while the spam never does!

IntelliSort TechnologyTM instantly sorts your important email from the spam so you never lose the email you want. No quickly-outdated spam lists, block lists, or custom rules required.

Smart IDTM completely spam-proofs your email using automatic Private Keys, the ultimate lock-down security for all your communications. Certifies the sender is 100% verified.

SmartViewTM disables all images and scripts for a completely safe preview of HTML messages. Includes optional "text only" preview. No more embarrassing X-Rated images or virus code allowed!

Smart MailRouterTM smart spam filter automatically filters any part of an email address, domain, sub-domain, keyword and more. The ultimate spam filter for storing or routing any message to wherever you want. Just set it and forget it!

SmartComposeTM option automatically composes and sends individually addressed messages to each person in your Authorized list -- with a single click! No CC or BCC required. Great for personal notices or newsletters.

Smart LookTM slide-bar color tool lets you customize the look and feel of Mailbox Filter using any combination of colors that your system can handle!

Automatic Import and Export of email addresses. Import function includes proprietary encryption storage for maximum security of your personal email address book information. Lets you export your lists for safe keeping or use elsewhere!

Bounce-back message option automates spam list removal. Makes your email address appear to be invalid to a spammer's mail system which automatically removes it from their list. They'll think you don't exist!

Courtesy Replies automatically reply to spam and add REMOVE to the subject line for automated removal from most lists, while at the same time notifying the sender their email was returned - just in case someone was trying to reach you!


You get all the above features... PLUS:

Unlimited email accounts.

Smart AutoReplyTM sends automatic replies to any email address, domain, sub-domain, keyword and more. Whether from a website form or an individual, you can automatically reply to anyone for that instant personal touch.

Smart ConnectTM securely connects your email program to Mailbox Filter with password protected access. Denies un-authorized entry into your mail system.

SmartProfileTM lets you create unlimited profiles in Mailbox Filter, a spam filter with secure password protected access. Its like having multiple copies on your system. Great for multiple users on one computer.

SmartDeliverTM provides automatic email collection, filtering and mail delivery, quietly in the background. Uses the intelligent memory process to deliver all your accepted mail to your email program or webmail account. Maintains list of undecided email for your review while filtering out spam.

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