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Welcome to Mailbox Filter

How to Put An End to SPAM and Make Money Doing It!

Let's face it... Who doesn't get junk email?

But the REAL question to ask is this...

"Who doesn't want to get rid of SPAM?"

A great way to help your friends, family and associates is to introduce them to the superior email filtering and antivirus protection that Mailbox Filter offers. They'll be glad you did!

Just the other day, we received a glowing letter of thanks from one of our happy Mailbox Filter users:

"I want to THANK you for being polite, friendly, and always quick with a response.

It is refreshing to be associated (a software user) with a company who constantly listens to their customer base and responds personally with help, advice and what ever else one may need. You always have your ears to the "wall" listening to customers ideas for new features...

A Warm Thank you from a satisfied customer."

Dennis Jones

When it comes to putting your reputation on the line endorsing a product, what could be more important than recommending a company you can trust?

As you can clearly see by what Dennis says about us, we bend over backwards to keep our customers happy... And because of this we have the only email filter that's guaranteed to get rid of spam without losing any important email. Click here to see how Mailbox Filter compares to the "average" spam filters.

We also have the same respect for our affiliates! We give you:

  1. Plenty of (tested and proven) marketing materials at our "full-service" Affiliate Center. Here's what one of our current affiliates had to say about the Affiliate Center:

    "I would have to say that this is the best Affiliate Center I HAVE EVER used. It has more features, tips, tricks, and help than I've ever run across and should be a model for other affiliate centers." -- Michael J. Allison

  2. Prompt and courteous service when you have a question or need help.

  3. Free marketing training in easy-to-do steps immediately after you sign-up.

And there's much more! Best of all, by joining our FREE Mailbox Filter Affiliate Program, you can save 25% on your own purchase of Mailbox Filter! If you haven't already purchased Mailbox Filter, you can buy it from yourself through your unique affiliate link and earn back a 25% commission.

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  • We provide you with your own special coded link that gives you credit for a referral up to 3 years after a prospect's original visit. That's right... Anyone who clicks on your MBF Affiliate Link has your unique ID stored on their computer for 3 years. So if they buy Mailbox Filter any time within the next 3 years you will be credited with the sale!

  • Make money from every new affiliate that you sign up. You get a 10% override commission on every sale that another MBF Affiliate makes when they sign up under you. You can even gear your marketing efforts directly to signing up an army of these sub-affiliates and then sit back and collect 10% from their efforts.

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  • Join our Affiliate program for FREE. We take care of fulfilling all orders and provide 24/7 technical support. Your participation is and totally risk free!

This Affiliate Program is NOT multi-level marketing. This is a simple two-level commission system.

Example: You get a commission of 25% from each sale you refer to our site. Let's say you refer a new affiliate to us - call him Joe. For every sale Joe makes, he makes 25% and YOU get a 10% commission on his sale as well.

Help fight back against Spam and start making Money on the Internet today!

What are you waiting for?

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